Residential Solar Installations
Solar is a great investment for any homeowner, offering big savings and energy independence.
Commercial Solar Installations
With multiple incentives available, solar can help reduce operating costs while promoting a sustainable image.
Why Go Solar?

Energy Indepedence

Save Big Money

Increased Home Value

Clean-Green Energy

Solar is an unlimited and reliable energy source. When you have solar, you are not at the mercy of increasing electricity prices from your utility company.​​

Regardless of how you pay for your system, solar will save you big money in the long run. Installing solar is now more affordable than buying electricity from your utility company.

A solar energy system adds significant value to your home. The added value is over $30,000 on average, and is property tax-free in California.

With solar, you are doing your part in reducing your carbon footprint. Solar is completely emission-free and offsets the need to burn fossil fuels for electricity generation. 

Why Choose Barnes Solar?

Local, Family Owned

Unbeatable Prices

Quality Installation

Reliable Service

Barnes Solar is family owned and operates out of the heart of Orange County. Our tight-knit company enjoys being part of the community –attending charity events, public markets and much more.

We understand dynamic energy markets and are alway aware of the latest advances in solar. We make sure to provide our customers with an unbeatable combination of quality and affordabiliy.

We take pride in our work. From happy customers to city building inspectors, everyone raves about the work that Barnes Solar does. We want you to be proud of your system and your contribution to a sustainable world.

We do everything in-house at Barnes Solar – you will always be able to get in touch with us. We have been around since 2009, maintaining great relationships with all of our customers.

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